Five European organizations are making possible the PERMIND project, their experience, know-how, cooperative spirit and their aim to continue learning are crucial to achieve the objectives of this initiative.

Fundación INTRAS –, the Spanish organization coordinating the PERMIND project, is a private foundationfounded in 1994 and conducts research in the area of mental health. The foundation today has more than ten centers dedicated to people living with mental illness, including day care, housing and rehabilitation centers, and used by approximately 1100 people each year. A group of 157 psychiatrists, psychologists, social workers and trainers works within INTRAS to help these people improve their quality of life. The foundation focuses on the recovery process to strengthen participants’ self-esteem, and to help them integrate with society, both socially and in working life. The foundation offers several training programs adapted for people living with mental illness.
The Association for the Development of Permaculture - ADP
The Association for the Development of Permaculture – (ADP) is an organization launched in Tacoronte (Tenerife-Spain) in 2001. The organization received an award by the UN in 2012 for its efforts to spread the knowledge of permaculture as a way to promote social integration for people with mental illness. The farm “El Mato Tinto” in Tenerife began with permaculture in 1996, and is today the main base for ADP. For over 20 years, permaculture has been used as a therapeutic method for people with mental illness, and to contribute to a sustainable environment. ADP also maintains a series of education programs in the field of primary and lower secondary education, vocational education, universities, job training and in coordination with farmers. For eleven years ADP also employed employment centers.
The Slovenian Association for Mental Health - ŠENT
ŠENT – The Slovenian Association for Mental Health, is a Slovenian ideal and humanitarian organization that started in 1993 and offers support to individuals suffering from long-term or short-term mental illness, their relatives and other persons interested in mental health. The organization operates in social welfare, health, education and employment. The activities offered by ENT are covered by psychosocial rehabilitation through a day center and residential housing, human rights programs to protect people living with mental illness and their families, as well as education for employment and social integration at the workplace.
Changemaker AB

Changemaker AB – is a change agency and a training organizer aimed at individuals, different professions and organizations. The company contribute to change, participation, sustainability, joy and creativity. Changemaker’s universe has a wide range of business areas. Changemaker Agency is a change management agency that supports projects on social change and integration, both at national and international level. The Agency acts for sustainable social development and labor market integration within a number of EU projects. Changemaker Educations focuses on education in gaming, film, web development, urban development and innovation. Bar Sociál is an ideal organization that promotes social entrepreneurship. Within Changemaker, Food Maker ( has also been established in Gothenburg, a movement that works for food production, food activism and social movements in urban development. Food Maker has a contributing role in three EU projects focusing on innovation, education, digitization, increased citizenship and sustainable food production.

The Society of Social Psychiatry and Mental Health - S.S.P & M.H.
The Society of Social Psychiatry and Mental Health (S.S.P. & M.H.) – is
a non-profit, scientific organization founded in Greece in 1981 by Professor Panayiotis Sakellaropoulos. The organization has contributed significantly to the psychiatric reform in the country based on social psychiatric principles. A great deal of importance is given to offering mental illness to different types of treatments outside the hospital environment and to avoid institutionalization. The organization conducts a preparatory course and vocational education in Alexandroupolis in northern Greece for persons who have a long-term mental illness or with psychosocial difficulties. The program is designed to teach skills and offer psychosocial support to contribute to social integration and integration into working life.

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