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Pilot course in Valladolid city (Spain)

Coordinate: 41.6398177  -4.7683206
Altitude: 703 m
Average maximum temperature: 18.2 °C
Average minimum temperature: 6.65 °C
Average annual rainfall: 422.04 mm

Pilot course in Torres del Carrizal (Zamora, Spain)

Coordinate: 41.6317346  -5.6837261
Altitude: 646 m
Average maximum temperature: 18.18 °C
Average minimum temperature: 6.63 °C
Average annual rainfall: 366.96 mm

Pilot course in Finca El Mato Tinto (Tenerife, Spain)

Coordinate: 28.502319243665568  -16.40173242774881
Altitude: 426 m
Average maximum temperature: 20º C
Average minimum temperature: 14º C
Average annual rainfall: 489 mm

Pilot course in Onsala (Sweden)

Coordinate: 57°24’56.7″N 12°01’44.0″E
Altitude: 27 m
Average maximum temperature: 10.7 °C
Average minimum temperature: 4.3 °C
Average annual rainfall: 768 mm

Pilot course in Ljubljana (Slovenia)

Coordinate: 46.056947 +14.505751
Altitude: 295 m
Average maximum temperature: 23.2 °C
Average minimum temperature: -3.2 °C
Average annual rainfall: 1363 mm

Pilot course in Alexandropoulis (Greece)

Coordinate: 659930.150 -4526900.645
Altitude: 50 m
Average maximum temperature: 17.75 °C
Average minimum temperature: 9.9 °C
Average annual rainfall: 580 mm

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