An Innovative Approach to Agriculture

Applying Permaculture in the Recovery Process of People with Mental Illness
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What We Do


It is a system of agricultural and social design principles centered on simulating the patterns and features observed in natural ecosystems. It is based on care of land, care of people and fare share.


PERMIND is an innovative eLearning platform addressed to the professionals working for people with mental illness to learn how to create a therapeutic garden following the principles of the permaculture. A didactic mobile app supports the learning process by empowering the trainees, thus following the coproduction theory.


Stigma is one of the barriers that people with mental illness has to overcome every day. Selling the ecological vegetables grown, picking-up organic wastes from neighbors, promoting permaculture cooperatives, etc. is a way to approach the general society and provoke a positive mental change in Europe regarding environmental and social issues.


Project activities will be focused on:

  • Developing a technical curriculum about creating an orchard according to the principles of permaculture, with the purpose of serving as a place of learning for people with mental illness.
  • Establishing permaculture gardens, as meeting places for learning and open-source spatial spread around sustainable cultivation.
  • Developing of key competencies in people with physic discomfort to help them improve their quality of life and increase their employment opportunities.
  • Providing people suffering from mental illness a challenge through a relaxing activity that occurs in direct contact with nature, and where they can feel comfortable, gain self-esteem and begin thinking about their future (green care).
  • Developing and maintaining of a didactic app and e-Learning platform. The curriculum and all didactic material will also be made available free of charge as an educational material.
  • Promoting entrepreneurship capacity by encouraging (green) entrepreneurship.

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