In process

G had a severe depression. He is a very autonomous person and had different jobs before and during Permind. He needed therapy.

Love for learning

J. was already working in orchards before Permind, he is a young boy with learning difficulties but nevertheless, he loves learning new things. He had some difficulties in working in a team. Now he is a team worker.


Marko is retired. He’s troubled not only by his experience of mental illness but also by a lack of purpose. As a retired person on a disability pension, his issues are partly a result of “having nothing to do”, as he puts it. He had little interest in gardening or permaculture.

Overcoming fear

R. is 38 years ago with a severe depression and panic to get out in the street and to talk with people. R’s life had changed completely after PERMIND.

The converted

M. is retired. He was born and grew up in the countryside and in a farm. He used to be farmer and he thought he already knew everything regarding agricultural issues. PERMIND changed his mind.

The trainer

He thought it was just something else to learn but he did not expect that Permaculture could be a real alternative to traditional or ecological agriculture.

A day centre experience

The staff and service users in Škofja Loka had no previous garden and only 2 users had any previous experience of gardening. The day centre itself is situated in the centre of the town and have little opportunity to exercise or do any practical work.

Onsala Trainers

For several years people with mental health issues has been coming to Onsala for rehabilitation and nature- and animal assisted interventions. Most of the people have stress related problems or for other reasons have been unable to work for a short or longer period of time.

Ljubljana (Ježica)

Ježica group, a residential group is a house where people with mental health problems live autonomously, with weekly meetings from a mentor, who helps them with their problems such as keeping clean, eating well, and exercising, communicating well and other aspects of life. With little funding and mental illness, many residents find little reason to engage themselves. This is where PERMIND comes in.

The new attitude

S. was linked with the rural area because he lived there, and also with gardening. He already knew ecological agriculture when he started the course. PERMIND has produced a 180º change in S attitude towards life in general.

Getting out home

Male, 32 years old, in the last semester of his higher education he got such severe stress related problems that he was unable to leave his home for two years. Neurological damage and memory loss were a couple of the symptoms. He had no prior experience in gardening or permaculture.

50 years

50 years old. He has lived in an autonomous apartment since 1990.
He has been working in the field for almost 20 years He worked as a carpenter assistant in the past but he basically likes to spend time in front of a computer.